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We'll help you migrate your solution to a faster, more secure and robust hosting infrastructure!

Server environments are constantly changing, yet many customers remain on legacy platforms. Even in the face of outages, intermittent downtime, and terrible customer support - customers will remain with a hosting provider because of the time and effort involved in migrating to a more stable environment.

In early 2005, PrecisionPros created a professional services division dedicated specifically to website migrations. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of customers upgrade their server platforms. We make your move as smooth and efficient as possible by offering a free transition to our servers.

Prior to migration, the customer must agree to the following:

  • Provide root access to source server.
  • Make no changes to source server during migration.
  • Agree to a minimum 1 year hosting contract in a similar hosting environment.
  • Saved email on the source server will not be migrated.
  • Fully test site on new server.
  • Any migration issues must be documented within 1 week of going live and prior to terminating service with previous provider.

*We reserve the right to cancel a migration at any time during the process, at which time we will refund any new hosting service charges related to the migration.

Free migration to PrecisionPros servers!

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